What are the costs involved?

Any new student wanting to try a  class is welcome to attend one class of their choice for free with no oligations to join.  There are no contracts at National TaeKwon-Do.  Tuition is paid to the Shawnee Civic Centre on or before the first class of the month.  There is a $5.00 fee for late payments.  During January of each year annual membership dues are paid to the instructor.  The annual membership fee for color belts is $20 and for black belts is $30.  The monthly tution varies according to the program:


SuperKids                      $22/month     second family member 1/2 price

Jr. TaeKwon-Do               $42/month     second family member 1/2 price

Traditional TaeKwon-Do   $45/month     second family member 1/2 price.


Additional Costs


At some point prior to the first test you will need to purchase a uniform.  The uniform is part of tradition, it is specifically designed to allow for safe and proper movement, and it is a requirement of the class once you have  decided you plan to continue.  The uniform comes with the ITF crest embroidered on the chest, and the ITF tree silk screened on the back.  It also has ITF silk screened on the pant leg. It has a velcro closure on the jacket and an elastic waist band with draw string on the pants.  The cost of the uniforms with tax is $43.51.


All students will eventually need to get sparring gear.  Students in the Jr. class are allowed to get gear after their second test (approximately 2 months of training).  Students in the adult/traditional taekwon-do classes can attain their sparring gear after their 1st test (approximately 2-3 months).  Sparring gear is available at www.karatedepot.com  They are good quality and are always among the cheapest when it comes to pricing.  You will need head, hand, foot, shin, and mouth guard.  All males regardless of age need a groin protector as well.  


The final area of cost is promotions.  The Jr. class promotions are $10 each until testing for black belt.  The Jr. testings are held during the last class of the month.  The adult / traditional class only test when they are ready and the cost of the test up to the rank of red belt are $35.